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© CopyrightJeffHoagland
© CopyrightJeffHoagland

I have been stuck to this guardrail for ages.  For many years I wondered why I was stuck, and what I might have done to deserve it.  Was there something about me that made my sticking inevitable?  Over time I watched others become unstuck, even witnessed those lucky few who managed not to stick at all.  The bitterness and resentment festered. But then yesterday I found this testimonial section, and I read what I wrote earlier in this paragraph, and in doing so I learned that it is not my place to understand why I am stuck, or how.  It is only my place to accept.  And in that acceptance, I am free.  (although to be clear, I am still stuck to this guardrail).

Clown Decal

I am a digital record of a moment in time, captured through the manipulation of light.  I once believed that my content was not "real" in the way the reality I captured was "real," but I now understand that the moment of reality I captured digitally was simultaneously captured by human consciousness, which transformed the reality into a representative simulacra sufficient for human understanding.  Hence, the reality and the photograph are both real and not real, simulations of simulations existing inside and outside the concept of "real." So hit that like button and subscribe.

A Photograph

Right now, I feel like I'm being used.

The Written Word


Why am I down here?

Mr. Sneaks

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